Awards and Recognition

Certificat of Excellence  from the International Design Association

Masters Award for kitchen design by the American Institute of Architects

Ground Breaker Award given by the Greater Dallas Home Builders Association

Home of the Year designation from The Houston Chronicle



“You and your colleagues provide an exceptional design project, and totally professional every step of the way.”
Tommy Ford, President Ford Construction

“Your firm did a terrific job with the Nauslers.  The result was outstanding – and you completed in record time.”
Jo Pressly, Virginia Cook Realtors

“You combined creative skill with the knowledge of a general contractor; our new offices are really outstanding!”
Paul Gomperz, President VBS Enterprises

“Christina Ryan’s design work on the Samtani home was incredible; she is an exceptional professional.”
Ray Virgona, President Virgona Architects

“RDI and Christina Ryan did a superb job, and she was recognized for her contribution to the project.”
Bob Morris, Dallas Home Builders